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Purpose of the Fund    

Abby and Connie Wolf have set some great and wonderful challenges for the Foundation! At the core is a desire to use the Foundation's resources to enable individuals and groups to accomplish objectives promoting and benefiting general aviation and its usefulness to society.

We know how difficult it can be for individuals to obtain support for worthy projects and ideas, even though there are often tremendous resources available for those who know how to find them. Many hard-working folks across the country help others and general aviation through volunteerism, airspace and airport advocacy, aviation and space education, and experimentation in new technologies. But usually they are tremendously hampered because they struggle with inadequate facilities and equipment, partial public understanding, and an inability to see how to network with others to attain their objectives.

The Wolf Foundation hopes to help people and projects that benefit general aviation by identifying talented, worthy individuals - often working in collaboration with others - and worthwhile projects and providing them support. Support by itself will be most welcome, but at the same time we must recognize that of those who want to do good with their talents or who want to volunteer to help others and support aviation, many lack the skills that would improve their likelihood of succeeding.

Such skills might include business or administrative training, experience in communicating and reaching the public, knowledge about raising funds from business or nonprofit sources, or even talents and abilities in networking with those who might help in accomplishing mutual objectives.

With the limited Wolf Foundation resources we might be able to fund one or at most a few worthy individuals and projects, probably fairly small in scale. Conversely, we might be able to stimulate many more individuals and projects benefiting general aviation if we can also help people improve their own likelihood of succeeding, including their own abilities to access much larger sources of support. Obviously, there are tremendous resources potentially available within the nation's business and industrial community. We hope to provide some pointers to help obtain such support.  Additionally, few are aware that about 11% of the entire Gross National Product of the United States is represented by work in the non-profit sector, indicating vast resources at work supporting just that one area of activity alone. Yet general aviation volunteers and innovators who are doing their communities a real service often seem to be the last to know how to tap into that pool.

Thus, while this effort will involve discovering and directly supporting some specific projects, we have an additional focus leveraging the Wolf Foundation resources for maximum effectiveness by seeking ways to enable talented individuals to succeed in their worthy projects and endeavors, whether as individuals or through their work in organizations. This can be done through communication, networking, and programs that prepare such individuals to succeed, and that teach them how to obtain non-profit and business funding. In keeping with the spirit of the foundation, we hope that much of this can be accomplished through grants to individuals for work and projects that further these objectives.

As with most modern successful endeavors, this proposal suggests that the effort will be most likely to succeed if the Foundation functions through a structure and a team guided by a strong stated mission and focused on objectives. A number of specific programs and projects are suggested. We have assembled a group of participants and advisors who will provide the coordination and control for our overall programs. Consultants and recipients of grants who will carry this work forward will be expected to collaborate with others in achieving the goals of specific programs or projects, and they will also be expected to provide information and feedback to assist the Fund in evaluating its own success in accomplishing its objectives.

We hope you enjoy this exciting effort, which we consider to be a work in progress. Through the work of many participants working together we can develop it into an actual, workable program enabling the Wolf Aviation Fund to succeed in ways that will greatly improve general aviation and the communities it serves. If so we will fulfill the wishes of the founders exceptionally well - and perhaps even far beyond their original expectations.

News Releases and Logos

These are the primary news releases we've issued over the last several years:

bulletNovember 26, 2009 -- Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Proposals Due December 15
bulletOctober 28, 2008 -- Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Proposals Due November 15
bulletOctober 1, 2007 -- Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Proposals Due by November 15
bulletOctober 5, 2006 -- November 15 Deadline Approaches for Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Proposals
bulletOctober 25, 2005 -- Grants from Wolf Aviation Fund Available Until December 15
bulletOctober 20, 2004 -- Deadline Nears for Wolf Aviation Fund 2004 Grants
bulletJuly 30, 2001 -- More Dreams, More Awards from the Wolf Aviation Fund
bulletMay 22, 2000 -- Annual Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Program Begins
bulletSeptember 1, 1999 -- LESSONS LEARNED: First Aid Kit for Airports
bulletJune 5, 1999 -- 1999 Wolf Aviation Fund Grant Program Under Way
bulletOctober 5, 1998 -- First Six 1998 Wolf Fund Grants Announced
bulletJune 30, 1998 -- 1998 Wolf Grants Available Now
bulletMarch 24, 1998 -- Wolf Aviation Fund Establishes Web Presence

NOTE: We also provide various Wolf Fund Logos and suggestions for text to be used in publicizing Wolf Fund grants and projects we support.  See our Wolf Logos Page

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